Since 1969 !

INVERSE was born as CIRO SPORT in 1969 in Barcelona, Spain.

Its founder, Joaquim Sabaté i Dausà had very strong links with sports, especially cycling, presiding “Esport Ciclista Barcelona”. During his presidency it has been organized more than 900 Cycling races. This connection to the sport helped him to meet many professional athletes from different sports in order to know and understand their needs.

This experience helped him to create in the 90's the brand INVERSE. Today INVERSE is well-known for the high quality of their products, all made in Spain (E.U.) ​​with innovative materials and original design.

The company lives by and for sports, and since the beginning INVERSE has made clothing with fabrics and patterns specific for each sport (road cycling, Running, Triathlon, Swimming, skiing and recently Bowling) and helps athletes to get optimal performance in competitions.




To offer the best product, the company has created departments of design, pattern making, printing and tailoring, which are coordinated and supervised by a rigorous quality control department. This last department allows to design comfortable and attractive custom clothing.


Hard work and perseverance have allow that now great bowlers have chosen to wear INVERSE Bowling Wear as well, and also that our bowling shirts and other Bowling accessories are available in more and more countries.

This expansion to bowling has been possible thanks to the collaboration with the Bowltech France company, having greater contact with bowlers, Teams and Bowling Federations all over the world who help us to know what are the new trends and priorities of the athletes of this sport. Thanks to them INVERSE can continue offering the product that best meets the bowlers’ needs.


The INVERSE BOWLING WEAR Team  is committed to the bowlers and will continue working to modernize, to invent and to improve the products necessary for our sport that makes us enjoy!




Ball brand shirts with us

Inverse Bowling Wear has signed licence agreements with Storm Products and Ebonite International to be allowed to use their ball brands logos !

Pros prefer Inverse!

Mike Fagan, Tim Mack and other PBA pros are wearing Inverse Bowling Wear shirts or power sleeves, outside the USA, during International tournaments, technical clinics or ball seminars!

Accessories available!

Inverse Bowling Wear is not only one bowling shirt manufacturer: we are able to offer you a large range of bowling wear accesories, such as power sleeves, shoes cover, see-saws, micro fiber towels, etc...

Contactez-nous! Contact us now!

INVERSE BOWLING WEAR / Bowltech France Sarl


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